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Design Services:

Our design team can take your uniform design ideas and bring them to life.

Our full-time design team can draw on years of experience and take your vision, create a story board and even manufacture physical samples of your new garments.

In addition to the design, BuxWear also creates fabrics and patterns that are 100% unique to your school or business. There is an art to making the perfect uniform and over the last 70 years, we believe we have mastered it.


Not only do you have to uphold the classic look of a school uniform, but you also have to blend it with current patterns and colour trends, and it has to be durable and comfortable to withstand the rigours of students.

                                                                                                                             Norman W. Buck


Customizing a garment can be a difficult process – BuxWear take all the stress out of it for you, our customer. We know all the right questions to ask to get it right the first time. It is all the little details we make sure are right from zip colours to button sizes, we cover every aspect to create your perfect garment. 

Our friendly team are always available to answer any questions you might have about what is required before we start working on your ideas. So please contact us anytime to chat about your uniform ideas.


School Uniforms:

BuxWear manufactures all types and styles of school uniforms.

We have the ability to create a pattern unique to the school, manufacture the fabric and produce uniforms that will make schools stand out from the crowd.

We manufacture the full array of uniform apparel including school blazers, summer dresses, winter skirts and tunics, jumpers and vests, rugby tops, spray and waterproof jackets not to mention school branded pants, shorts, polos, shirts and blouses.

We also make and supply accessories for students – socks, ties, backpacks, sports bags, chair bags, scarves, tights, hats and hair ribbons.

We don’t restrict our quality garments to just primary, secondary schools, colleges and sports academies, we also produce garments for pre-schools, childcare centres and kindergartens, universities, sports clubs and corporate clients.

If you are looking into creating a new uniform changing or making improvements to your uniforms – BuxWear is here to help, contact one of our sales executives who are always happy to help with your enquiry.


Sports Uniforms:

BuxWear can take your sports uniform concept to a whole new level.

We make custom, high tech, sublimated uniforms for every sport from AFL, rugby, netball, rowing, tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, cricket, hockey, swimming and even wetsuits, if your school has a surfing team.

Our design team can help create the ultimate sport uniform for your school, incorporating your school logo and colours making the team stand out on the field of play. It’s not just the team that needs to look the part, we have you covered off the field too – sublimated tracksuits and jackets for not just the players but coaches and support staff too.

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Great!

Want individual names and numbers? No problem at all, we can cater to whatever you need on your uniforms. A framed school jersey is an amazing gift at the end of the year to captains, coaches or staff who have gone above and beyond for your school – we are always happy to help with your special requirements.


Rugby Tops:

BuxWear have built a reputation in the uniform industry for delivering the highest quality and most reasonably priced rugby tops in Australia. Our clients all over Australia return to BuxWear every year to order what have been described as the “most versatile” rugby jumper produced in the country.

Our stringent quality control and high standards when it comes to fabric, cut and decoration, results in a garment that can be worn for many years with pride.  These tops are perfect for grade 6 and year 12 leavers along with schools that are in a colder climate, giving students some extra warmth during the colder months.

With a huge range of pattern options and colourways our design team can help you achieve the look you want for your school.

Schools widely use our rugby tops for leaver jumpers. With an elegant embroidery on the front and screen printed class lists on the back, sometimes even the students nicknames - we find that students continue to proudly wear their school rugby tops for years after they have left the school.


Leaver Jumpers and Jackets:

BuxWear is at the leads the field when it comes to Leaver wear.

We are constantly researching new trends and ideas for schools to offer students and staff alike.

While our staples like rugby tops, hoodies and polos are still popular with a majority of our schools, we are finding some of our new products are quickly becoming the more preferred option.

Our new range of leaver jackets are standing out from the crowd, delivering style and comfort along with great branding. Our reversable jacket allows students to show some individuality and wear the style they prefer. A combination of sublimation and embroidery on our leaver jackets, look amazing and are the perfect fit for today’s Australian student, at a very reasonable price.

From Grade 6, year 12 or university students our leaver jumpers can be made in either junior or senior sizes, male and female fit, standard or reversable, fleecy or soft shell, we can work with you to get the result that you want.


Reducing our Carbon Footprint:

In 2018 Managing Director Mr. David Loewy initiated a program to reduce the carbon footprint Buxwear makes on the environment. After 12 months of extensive research, samples and meetings with fabric suppliers – Buxwear is proud to offer a recycled polyester to all of our customers. Not only is the quality of the fabric exactly the same as a brand new polyester (you are unable to distinguish between recycled and brand new polyester) the total energy used in making recycled compared to brand new polyester, reduces the amount of greenhouse gas and fuel burnt significantly.

The polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles – reducing the waste that gets dumped in our landfill and oceans.  This is a huge win/win for both our clients and environment.